Senior dog

CARING FOR A SENIOR DOG The importance of diet We’d all love our dogs to live as long as we do, but of course, that’s just not possible. Ageing is a part of life – an inevitable and irreversible process. And while we can’t stop our dogs from growing older, we do have a lot […]

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Good Health Begins In The Gut


GOOD HEALTH BEGINS IN THE GUT Supporting our dogs from the inside out Hippocrates (traditionally regarded as the father of medicine), stated over 2000 years ago that “all disease begins in the gut” – a concept that has well and truly stood the test of time. In the last few decades, research has started to […]

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A sniffari a day, keeps the boredom away.

A dog can demonstrate destructive behaviour like chewing, digging, garbage raiding, hyperactivity, disobedience, excitability, attention-getting behaviours, and even some forms of barking if they are bored. In addition, every dog needs exercise to stay healthy. It’s especially vital for our Covid puppies that are now adjusting to post-lockdown life.  Taking a daily stroll, outside of your […]

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Dog Lovers Festival Pre-sale Tickets Almost Sold-Out!

Pre-sale tickets almost sold-out for Sydney & Melbourne Dog Lovers Festival! There’s only a paw-full (just 10%!) of pre-sale release tickets left to your favourite fur-dedicated festival in Sydney and Melbourne. We expect these to sell out by Wednesday 22 December. So, fetch your tickets now before the prices go up and guarantee your spot […]

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Dogs and Christmas leftovers

Article by Lara Shannon, Host of Channel 10’s Pooches at Play. As a certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist, I am all for feeding our pets human-grade food, but we do need to be careful when feeding our dogs the Christmas leftovers that we aren’t feeding them toxic ingredients, foods high in salt or fat, or […]

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Keeping your dog stress free during festive season gatherings

With an influx of ‘strangers’ coming into the home, it may be particularly overwhelming for the many pandemic puppies that missed out on the critical early socialisation and training that they need to become confident and well-adapted adult dogs. There are also many new rescue dogs, or even just any dog that hasn’t been exposed […]

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11 Cute Halloween Dogs We Adore

Woof, Woof – GROWL. These roar-some Halloween Pups bought a smile to our dial ? Discover the Top 11 tail-waggers who put a ray of sunshine into this October and remind us of just how much we miss getting up-close-and-pawsonal with hundreds of beautiful pooches at the Dog Lovers Festival!   View this post on Instagram   A post shared […]

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Woofing Around with Dr Chris Brown

Dr Chris Brown Dog Lovers Festival Blog

With the premiere of The Dog House Australia well and truly in our sights, it was the pawfect op-paw-tunity to speak to our favourite vet and narrator of the series, Dr Chris Brown. Does he get hounded by the pup-arazzi? Does he read Vanity Fur? Is there a single dog pun he hasn’t heard? First of all, how great are dogs? […]

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