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11 Cute Halloween Dogs We Adore

Woof, Woof – GROWL. These roar-some Halloween Pups bought a smile to our dial ? Discover the Top 11 tail-waggers who put a ray of sunshine into this October and remind us of just how much we miss getting up-close-and-pawsonal with hundreds of beautiful pooches at the Dog Lovers Festival!   View this post on Instagram   A post shared […]

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Woofing Around with Dr Chris Brown

Dr Chris Brown Dog Lovers Festival Blog

With the premiere of The Dog House Australia well and truly in our sights, it was the pawfect op-paw-tunity to speak to our favourite vet and narrator of the series, Dr Chris Brown. Does he get hounded by the pup-arazzi? Does he read Vanity Fur? Is there a single dog pun he hasn’t heard? First of all, how great are dogs? […]

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Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs

There are so many reasons why dogs benefit from the slow cooked meaty goodness of bone broth. True bone broth is made by simmering bones, water and dog friendly herbs and vegetables slowly over at least 12 hours. This slow, long cooking process draws all the minerals, amino acids & glucosamine out of the bones […]

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Dog Tips With Dr Katrina

Dr Katrina has been keeping herself busy during lockdown posting interesting pet tips on Tiktok and we absolutely love them ? A little mind blowing, a little quirky but 100% must watch for all Dog lovers. Why does my dog flick dirt? This is a normal dog behaviour. Dogs have scent glands in their feet […]

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How To Prepare Your Pet For When COVID Lockdowns Ease.

Once COVID-19 restrictions start to ease, and we return to work, school or study, we may be starting to spend more time away from home. It is essential to know how to help our dogs manage this transition, as knowing what to expect supports their emotional health and gives them a sense of control. Routine, […]

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3 Signs your dog is anxious in lockdown

Lockdown can make us all a little funky, and the same goes for your furry friend. Dogs are creatures of habit, so while they are most likely enjoying you being at home and getting bulk pats and cuddles during a lockdown they may also be confused by the change in their daily routine. Noticing these […]

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