A sniffari a day, keeps the boredom away.

A dog can demonstrate destructive behaviour like chewing, digging, garbage raiding, hyperactivity, disobedience, excitability, attention-getting behaviours, and even some forms of barking if they are bored. In addition, every dog needs exercise to stay healthy. It’s especially vital for our Covid puppies that are now adjusting to post-lockdown life. 

Taking a daily stroll, outside of your dog’s backyard is good for a dog’s mental health and lets them pick up on all the smells they are missing out on. It also allows dogs to engage their brains by sniffing the environment, so we should let them stop and smell the roses along the way. Sniffing is something dogs were born to do! From sniffing at trees to sniffing another dog’s rump, our furry friends spend time sniffing things to either distinguish their components or gather information about their environment.

Get Sniffing

Getting your dog outdoors for daily exercise is always a start in the right direction for their health and enjoyment. However, there is a method to make your dog’s usual walk around the block even more enriching. If your dog had complete freedom, they would undoubtedly zigzag their way through the neighbourhood, stopping every few feet and just following their nose wherever it leads them. This is natural and is just your dog’s nose working overtime. They go a few steps before stopping to sniff something interesting, and then they take a few more steps to locate something new to smell. It’s tempting to pull them on to keep them going forward, but a good dog walk doesn’t always have to be defined in miles or minutes. It’s good to let your dog smell the flowers now and then and the corner post, and that fire hydrant, and maybe even that fence post or the tree over there.

When they’re out and about, every dog sniffs. Irrespective of whether your dog is trying to find their territorial scent on potty walks or simply exploring a new place, their nose is likely to be active and attentive the entire time. Sniffing time accounts for roughly one-third of your dog’s walk, which is a significant amount of time. Sniffing is is a healthy habit that you should not discourage. Remember that the next time your dog reflexively puts his nose on the ground and seems to sniff away at everything in sight, it’s because they’re exploring and expanding their sense of smell. It is as natural to them as breathing is.


To stay physically fit, all dogs require frequent and regular exercise. For high-energy dogs, going for walks is vital. Without a place to channel their growing zeal, their excess energy builds up and manifests in undesirable habits such as biting and being generally uncontrollable. A long walk or run is a way to expend a young dog’s boundless energy, but it isn’t the only method to meet their demands. If you genuinely want to tire out your dog, you must simultaneously enrich their body and mind.

Off-leash romps are also a crucial part of your dogs health. It allows them full freedom to follow that scent trail, do zoomies around their space and practice their recall. Being off-leash for a dog is the ultimate high, however keeping them safe while they lose their minds is something all pawrents need to consider. With all our Covid puppies coming into maturity, with very little, to no social skills, finding safe spaces to run, train and bond is more important than ever.

Finding Safe Off-Leash Spaces

Puppy parents understand the importance of giving their fur babies their safe places. Our fur pals are experiencing a significant adjustment in their typical daily routine due to all the family members heading back to work, after being home throughout their puppy years due to lockdown. A new routine and all the sites and smells of new dogs, previously unmet may cause our dogs to exhibit more unwanted behaviours than usual, especially in easily overstimulated dogs. But the good news is that we can do things to make our dogs feel more at ease while we adjust to post-lockdown life. Most of these dogs aren’t suited instantly to the free for all of dog parks, with so many unknown dogs, people and behaviours. We can’t expect them just to play, when they missed out on that crucial socialisation period.

Introducing Sniffspace

Sniffspace is Australia’s only directory of privately-owned off-leash spaces for dogs and their owners. SniffSpace also allows homeowners to earn a passive income by renting out their backyard to those in need while also enhancing the health and well-being of Australia’s dogs and reducing the stress levels in their owners. The pups benefit from having off-leash areas where their parents can be with them, and they are safe to be completely free. They can run and run till they drop without having to worry about strange dogs, vehicles on the roads, and whatever other dangers they might have to face in the open. These spaces can be areas where your pups can socialise with their friends and get rid of most of the stresses they can develop during the long days on their own.

Visit to book your pups in for a safe and fun-filled Sniffari. They deserve it!

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