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The benefits of fresh feeding for your dog (with Lyka!)

Brown dog looks wishfully at a bowl of food being prepared on kitchen countertop.

Finding the right diet for your pup can be overwhelming (not to mention a lot of pressure)! A balanced fresh food diet full of human-grade wholefoods can help your pup live a healthier and happier life. From the benefits of fresh feeding to how we’re revolutionising the pet food industry, we’ve partnered with our friends […]

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Did you know that dogs have no minimum dietary carbohydrate requirement?

Who’d have thought your dog’s ancestors were prey-hunting carnivores? It’s hard to believe that your dog descends from a long line of hunters. But it’s true.  Dogs are partial carnivores (known as facultative carnivores) now, but their ancestors were true carnivores. This genetic inheritance means that they still efficiently use animal fat and, if needed, […]

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