3 Fun-filled Festivals for Dog Lovers

Dog lovers, wondering how you can combine a love for travel with your passion for dogs? We’ve compiled a list of 3 fun-filled festivals dedicated to our canine companions. When you’re on your next trip around the world, be sure to check out these events!

Kukur Tihar Dog

Woofstock in Toronto, Canada

Fluffy dog running in outdoor area.

Dogs love to party, and this outdoor festival in Canada is no exception! Held yearly, Woofstock is the biggest dog festival in North America that brings together dog lovers for a weekend of dog-centered activities, including fashion shows, trick contests, and more.

During festival time, Woodbine Park in Toronto Beaches sees a total of 150,000 dogs participating!

Kukur Tihar in Nepal

Dog dressed for Kukur Tihal.

The “Festival of Dogs” occurs during the Tihar Festival in Nepal. It’s a day dedicated entirely to our furry friends, where dogs, both strays and pets, get adorned with flower garlands and marked with red on their foreheads. These things are believed to bring good luck and happiness.

These faithful companions are also rewarded with feasts of rice, meat and dog treats. It’s a heartwarming festival that celebrates the loyalty and bond between dogs and people.

UK Truffle Festival

Dogs sniffing for truffles outdoors.

The UK Truffle Festival is a celebration of all things truffle, foraging and of course, dogs! In the Truffle Dog Championships, dogs compete to find truffle baits hidden above and under ground. 

This unique event showcases the strong bonds between dog and handler, as they work together to locate truffle baits for the chance to win a prize.

The Biggest Dog Loving Festival in Australia

Now that you’ve discovered these 3 canine-related festivals, why not check out the Dog Lovers Festival in your local area? We’re the biggest dog loving festival in Australia and there’s always an event on in major cities.

You won’t want to miss these opportunities to connect with fellow dog lovers and be part of the action.

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