Biggest pet boom ever gives birth to Dog Lovers Festivals of equally epic proportions in 2022

Dog Lovers Festival, 2022 Audience

One of the pandemic’s surprise legacies has been the unprecedented surge in pet ownership. In terms of paws on the floor, since 2019 the petdemic has seen a boom in dog ownership with an estimated 30.4 million pets now living with us across the country.

Nationally, 69% of households own a pet which is up from 61% only two years ago and led by a surge in dog ownership, with a staggering one million+ new dogs welcomed into Australian homes since 2019*.

Who better to educate, entertain and inspire this new wave of passionate pet-parents than the Dog Lovers Festival team! It’s been almost 3 years since the last events were staged, so organisers have been chomping at the bit to re-unite the entire canine community.

Show founder and CEO, Jason Humphris said “Anyone who loves dogs deeply and wants to better understand their pets will be rewarded by attending our Sydney and Melbourne Shows this August and October when Australia’s largest and leading fur-focussed-festival makes a triumphant return.”

*Source: Animal Medicines Australia 2021 Report: Pets & the Pandemic: A social research snapshot of pets and people in COVID-19 era

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