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Hypoallergenic Dogs & Low Shedding Dog Breeds

Lagotto Romagnolo – ‘Marnee’ – our own Perfect Pets low shed pup / poster girl

Probably the most famous “hypoallergenic” dog is the labradoodle, a cross between a Labrador and a poodle that was specifically developed as a guide dog for a woman whose husband was allergic to dog hair. Since that first cross 30 years ago, oodles of all sorts have become incredibly popular, for the most part because pet […]

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Canine Enrichment and Engagement

Article by Jen Martin at Wildhunde. Dogs are a smart and interactive species that spend every day using their keen senses and instinctual drives to learn, explore and play. They use their nose to sniff out and explore the world around them, keeping themselves aware of potential dangers and hunting for food. A keen sense […]

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CBD Oil: 11 reasons why you should consider it for your dog.

In recent years there has been a surge in interest around the use of CBD oil to manage a range of different health concerns in dogs. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD, derived from the cannabis sativa plant, offers a natural, plant-based alternative therapy worth considering when traditional medications and treatments are not effective in easing […]

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Senior dog

CARING FOR A SENIOR DOG The importance of diet We’d all love our dogs to live as long as we do, but of course, that’s just not possible. Ageing is a part of life – an inevitable and irreversible process. And while we can’t stop our dogs from growing older, we do have a lot […]

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Good Health Begins In The Gut


GOOD HEALTH BEGINS IN THE GUT Supporting our dogs from the inside out Hippocrates (traditionally regarded as the father of medicine), stated over 2000 years ago that “all disease begins in the gut” – a concept that has well and truly stood the test of time. In the last few decades, research has started to […]

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A sniffari a day, keeps the boredom away.

A dog can demonstrate destructive behaviour like chewing, digging, garbage raiding, hyperactivity, disobedience, excitability, attention-getting behaviours, and even some forms of barking if they are bored. In addition, every dog needs exercise to stay healthy. It’s especially vital for our Covid puppies that are now adjusting to post-lockdown life.  Taking a daily stroll, outside of your […]

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