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Keeping your dog stress free during festive season gatherings

With an influx of ‘strangers’ coming into the home, it may be particularly overwhelming for the many pandemic puppies that missed out on the critical early socialisation and training that they need to become confident and well-adapted adult dogs. There are also many new rescue dogs, or even just any dog that hasn’t been exposed […]

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How To Prepare Your Pet For When COVID Lockdowns Ease.

Once COVID-19 restrictions start to ease, and we return to work, school or study, we may be starting to spend more time away from home. It is essential to know how to help our dogs manage this transition, as knowing what to expect supports their emotional health and gives them a sense of control. Routine, […]

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3 Signs your dog is anxious in lockdown

Lockdown can make us all a little funky, and the same goes for your furry friend. Dogs are creatures of habit, so while they are most likely enjoying you being at home and getting bulk pats and cuddles during a lockdown they may also be confused by the change in their daily routine. Noticing these […]

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