Maxitreats, 100% natural, Australian sourced, single protein great value pet treats. We also offer a great range of super strong enrichment toys, slow feeders and lick-mats.

100% natural, tasty treats for happy pets.

Say WOOF to healthier snacking with our all-natural pet treats. Pamper your pet with delicious, nutritious treats.

We listen to what our customers are seeking from their pet treats. For some they’re looking for easily transportable treats that can be used during training or when showing their dogs at competition. For others they’re looking for nutritional supplements to help in treating the signs of ageing, for instance inflammation in joints or lack of appetite. Others are looking for great value boredom busters that will keep their pet occupied whilst their unattended. Whatever you’re looking for in your pet treats, Maxitreats has it covered.

We also understand the value a great enrichment toy can offer, and when combined with our treats, they help stimulate concentration and build on problem solving skills. We have this covered with our great range of super strong Sodapup toys, slow feeders and lick mats.

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Festival Specials

Visit our stand for 10% off Maxitreats green shell mussel topper powder.

Our mussel offers unmatched anti-inflammatory benefits for your dog, cat or horse and is a natural source of chondroitin, glucosamine and ETA’s (omega 3). Our mussel powder comes from the whole mussel not extracts.