VitaPet Arena


10:00am – 4:30pm Daily

The 2024 Brisbane Dog Lovers Festival VitaPet Arena presented a wide array of talented K9s, thrilling shows and all-time festival favourites!

Who’s the most nimble, steadfast, smartest and just plain FASTEST dog on the block?! The VitaPet Arena brough out the best in our best friends in Brisbane, with this swag of K9 challenges…

Visitors were captivated by a stellar cast, featuring crowd favorites such as Farmer Dave Graham, Dr. Katrina Warren, Kelly Gill & The Wonderdogs, and Lucy Karbowiak, Emily Lyons & The High Flying Team! These acclaimed personalities promise to deliver a memorable experience that will leave audiences in awe.

Visitors immersed in hours of K9-inspired entertainment within the VitaPet Arena, where some of the nation’s most talented dogs will showcase their skills. Many of these remarkable canines have dedicated months to training, ensuring they are festival-ready to delight you in Brisbane.

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