Breed Showcase


9:30am – 5pm daily.

The Breed Showcase is undoubtedly one of the most popular features at the Dog Lovers Festival!

Love to see, compare and cuddle lots of beautiful dogs? Then the Breed Showcase will be your definition of dog lovers’ heaven.

It’s one of the best opportunities all year to get your fur-fix and gather valuable information on a wide range of beautiful dogs.

Domestic dogs come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own traits and personality. At the 2024 Dog Lover’s Festival, we showcased hundreds of dogs, representing a range of breeds from across Brisbane, from the rarest to the most popular. Visitors were invited to sniff out the glorious multitude of canine breeds presented by Dogs Queensland Breeders and Breed Clubs which were exhibited in our Breed Showcase. 

Breeders and Breed Clubs that participated in 2024 included:

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Breed Club / BreederStand Number
Australian Shepherd Club of QLD639
Basset Hound Club of Qld626
Beagle Club of Qld554
Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Qld Inc566
Bernese Mountain Dog - Polishdream Kennels558
Border Collie - Celtic Heart Kennels446
Borzoi Club of Qld632
Boxer Club Qld646
Bull Terrier Club of QLD574
Bulldog Club QLD672
Cattle Dog and Kelpie Club of Qld572
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Qld628
Collie Rough and Smooth Club of Qld638
Coton de Tulear - Cotonrun Kennels562
Dalmatian Association of Qld624
Dogs Queensland642
Finnish Lapphunds Qld564
Golden Retriever Club of Qld560
Great Dane Society of Qld550
Irish Wolfhound Club of Qld304
Japanese Spitz - Belzbentley664
Labrador Retriever Club of Qld620
Peruvian Hairless Dogs - Pauchel and Artmac Kennels567
Pyrenean Mountain Dog - Shatadoe Kennels660
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Qld568
Rottweiler Club of Qld636
Schipperke - Tanzapaw Kennels650
Sporting Spaniel Club Qld644
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Queensland Inc634
St Bernard - Snomark Kennels641
Tibetan Mastiff - Xingxi & Amitabha Kennels570
White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club of Qld630
Yakutian Laika - RushinRound Kennels640