Pet Portrait Photographer

Capturing the essence of fur and feathers, our Brisbane-based pet photography studio is a haven for creating timeless memories with your beloved companions. Nestled in the heart of East Brisbane in a funky converted warehouse, we specialize in crafting enchanting portraits that celebrate the unique personalities of your pets. Our skilled photographers have a passion for transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary wall art, blending artistry with a deep understanding of animal behaviour. From playful pups to regal cats, we strive to encapsulate the spirit and charm of each furry friend. With a commitment to patience and creativity, our studio offers a personalised experience, ensuring every session is a delightful adventure for both pets and their humans. Let us transform your pet’s story into visual poetry, preserving the joy, love, and charisma that make them an integral part of your life

Stand Number: 604

Festival Specials

Usually $400 – Today we are offering pet photography sessions for only $50! First 20 customers only