Alternate durable dog toys that are NOT hard rubbers or plastics.
All toys float and are designed to handle chewing.
60 day replacement guarantee on all ball ranges and a 7 day money on all toys.

Furmilial products have been designed with the wellbeing of your doggo in mind. We offer versatile toys that can be utilised for work and pleasure. Our mission is to provide owners with products that last longer than your ‘average dog toy’. While nothing is indestructible, we are confident that when our products are used during supervised training and play sessions, they will provide endless hours of fun without needing replacement.

All Furmilial products have been trialled and tested on a variety breeds, sizes and personalities. All of our dog toys are made from durable non-toxic materials that promote positive behaviours in dog play (such as chewing, tugging and running). All Furmilial products float in water and can assist dogs to develop a positive attitude towards water.

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Festival Specials

$5 off all products

2 x Large WonderBall $45

Can put together small dog packs and large dog packs.