Friends of the Hound is dedicated to saving Greyhounds. Discover why adopters claim their Greyhound rescued them! These sweet, sensitive, affectionate dogs will race into your heart. Pets, not bets.

For decades in Australia, thousands of Greyhounds have been bred, caged, raced, and killed every year for a gambling industry. Dog Lovers everywhere are incredulous that dog racing still exists, with increasing numbers of people opposed to this cruel and brutal industry. For over 20 years, Friends of the Hound has focused on rescuing Greyhounds and providing them with adoption opportunities as family companions. Our volunteers work tirelessly to find loving, suitable homes and to bring about positive change for these gorgeous dogs. Greyhounds are affectionate, gentle and friendly and thrive on human companionship. They are low-maintenance and low-energy and make fabulous indoor pets. Short bursts of energy and long bouts of lethargy typify the Greyhound nature. They enjoy long hours lazing in cosy comfort. Graceful at speed and goofy at rest, these quirky characters provide lots of laughter and joy. Friends of the Hound is excited to celebrate Greyhounds at the Dog Lovers Festival.

Stand Number: 316

Festival Specials

Dog lovers successfully adopting a rescued Friends of the Hound Greyhound after visiting our stand will receive a free special festival pack comprising of a FOTH cap, keyring and pen. One FOTH Festive Special Pack per adoption.