At DGG we strive to provide high quality apparel and grooming products that reflect the love and respect we have for our furry friends and celebrates the happiness they bring into our lives.

At Doggone Gorgeous we believe in the lasting happy relationship between owners and their four legged friends. Each DGG product is the combination of leading edge production, design and quality formulations mixed with a genuine care for animals that culminates in premium ranges that owners and pets cherish and adore. At DGG we make fun, innovative, stylish, comfortable and well-fitting jackets, jumpers and tees for you dog. Our coat care shampoo and grooming range cleans, soothes & creates a happy dog with a shiny & snuggly soft coat. SLES & Paraben free with calming and cleansing essential oil blends & natural botanical extracts. Grooming is a great way to bond with your pet, as well as a necessary part of keeping them healthy and happy. Trust and comfort are most important when it comes to solidifying bonds with our furry pals, and our grooming tools are designed to keep both pet and owner feeling comfortable and safe when taking care of coat, skin and nails!

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