SASH Ask-A-Vet


Stand 518


9.30am – 5.00pm Daily


SASH was the proud sponsor of the ASK-A-VET feature at the Sydney Dog Lovers Festival!

SASH, the Small Animal Specialist Hospital, is Australia’s leading specialist and emergency veterinary hospital network, and the referral hospital for the TV show “Bondi Vet”, so no doubt you have seen them in action! At this year’s Festival, SASH is giving all dog lovers two amazing opportunities (and an ambulance!)…

SASH Ask-A-Vet

SASH Ask-A-Vet will have three booths (A, B & C) at the Festival, operating between 9am and 5pm across the weekend. Each booth will be staffed by a SASH vet or nurse who’s either a generalist, or someone who can provide advice in the area of Nutrition, Skin & Ears, or Bones & Joints.

Visitors are invited to choose the vet or nurse they’d like to see (see below), and then attend the corresponding booth when they are scheduled to appear (see timetables for Saturday & Sunday). All appointments will be on a ‘walk-up’, first-in first-served basis (i.e. It is not necessary to book an appointment).

Visitors are encouraged to discuss specific concerns they have about their dog or seek more general advice. Visitors may also receive information about how to book a follow-up appointment at a SASH clinic after the Festival.

Get to know the SASH team:

  • Dr Andrew Marchevsky (Specialist Vet Surgeon & TV personality) – Pick the brain of one of Australia’s top surgical specialists.
  • Dr Jack Neville-Towle (Specialist Vet Surgeon) – The vet to chat to about bones, joints, or walking problems.
  • Dr Elias Gumpel (Specialist Oncology Vet) – Dr Elias is a specialist in oncology, but also an expert in dog behaviour and training.
  • Dr Courtney Ludwig (Dermatology Vet) – Concerned about skin, ears or paws? Ask Dr Courtney.
  • Dr Rochelle Paterson (Neurology Vet) – Dr Rochelle knows a lot about the brain, but she’s also great with general doggy questions.
  • Dr Jerry Liu (Nutritionist) Dr Jerry is free to chat all about food for your dog (or even you!).
  • Dr Jack Reid (SASH Vet) – Dr Jack can teach you about keeping your dog happy and healthy.
  • Dr Lauren McNamara (SASH Vet) – Dr Lauren is experienced in treating a variety of problems. Come have a chat.

SASH Vet Simulation Games
Two fun and interactive games will help visitors learn more about the specialist services SASH offers, as well as get to know their family pets. The exciting vet-simulation games will challenge visitors to use their skills to help diagnose Sasha the dog’s diseases and see if they have what it takes to be a vet. Diagnose correctly for a chance to win a prize! Through these interactive games, visitors will learn plenty about their pooch, and experience what it’s like to take their dog to SASH.

  • SASH Vet Simulation Game 1. Hurry! Sasha the dog has swallowed something she shouldn’t have. Use a real ultrasound machine to look inside and work out how many objects are inside Sasha.
  • SASH Vet Simulation Game 2. Poor Sasha. She’s presented with a mysterious disease. All you have is a list of symptoms, and your wits. Can you channel your inner vet and work out how many specialist departments you need to call on, to help manage the case?

SASH Ambulance
For a breath of fresh air during the Festival, take a walk and grab a pass-out to see the SASH Ambulance located near the Hall 3 entry on Riverina Avenue.