Nigel Allsopp

Nigel Allsopp gives up his time freely to so many different causes and is a true volunteer and humanitarian. He is a vocal ambassador for the establishment of Animal Memorials and his passion for the recognition of the voiceless is truly inspirational. He is the founder of the Australian War Animal Organization Inc, a not-for-profit organisation which aims to promote the establishment of plaques or other animal memorials at Parks, RSL’s or Local and Federal Government sites.

Nigel is President of the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation, a war veteran and is currently serving as a Queensland Police Dog handler.

He has worked with many different animals at International Zoos and held several positions with the Australasian Zoological Society. Nigel is a much sought after guest speaker and lectured at private and government institutions.

He is also a published author of seven war animal novels the profits of which were used to buy the operational war dog medals for Australian service dogs. The profits of Nigel’s books “Smoky the War Dog” go towards the Australian Army Rehabilitation Centre for wounded soldiers and helps fund two dogs used there for the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder program.

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