Dr Harry Cooper

Born and raised in Sydney, Dr Harry Cooper graduated with second class honours from Sydney University’s Faculty of Veterinary Science in December 1965 aged 21. He practised for several years in Sydney and the UK before his burgeoning media career became a full-time commitment.

Dr Harry first started his media career on breakfast television as network vet. Sometime later he joined a popular radio show as the resident vet and this soon expanded into a popular television series on the 9 Network.

Dr Harry moved to Channel 7 in 1993 to host his first series ‘Talk to the Animals’. In 1997, Dr Harry returned to consulting rooms to film a new series, ‘Harry’s Practice’ which ran for 6 years. Dr Harry immediately joined the team at ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ and has been providing pet information and advice to viewers ever since.

During his career Dr Harry has owned and bred Dogs, Cats, Budgerigars, Horses, Rats, Mice, Rabbits and Chickens!


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