Dave Graham

Dave Graham is the visionary CEO and Co-founder of RuffTRACK – a youth engagement program for young people who have disengaged with school and the community to give them skills, education, a sense of self-worth and reconnecting them with their community. Dave’s journey as a dog expert has been both remarkable and inspiring. The secret ingredient to his work at RuffTRACK is dogs! The RuffTRACK program aims to empower young people by helping them establish trust and bonds with canine companions.

Each young person is paired with a dog, and they bond and work together to accomplish daily goals of manners, communication, overcoming challenges and building self-esteem. Participants join the RuffTRACK Muttley Crew which takes this knowledge on the road with their incredible community outreach programs and  performances in schools and arena shows across Australia – like Dog Lovers.

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