Alex Hynes

Dr. Alex Hynes is an emergency veterinarian with an extraordinary passion for animals, life and her veterinary work. After growing up riding horses, milking cows and lambing sheep, her love for animals is really no surprise.

Her work in Emergency & Critical Care involves treating of the sickest of sick dogs, cats and wildlife in Queensland. Alex was inspired by the vision of Animal Emergency Service back in 2007 and is now one of the directors and is grateful every day to work in a hospital that practices the highest standard of patient care, values and teamwork.

While impressive, it’s not just her qualifications and experience that make her such a uniquely outstanding veterinarian. Alex has a phenomenally well-rounded lifestyle, participating in martial arts, strength training, and horse riding – all while excelling in an incredibly demanding role at work, raising her beautiful young daughter and giving up her remaining precious time to charities.  Always by her side and considered one of the team at the hospital, Alex’s stunning Samoyed dog Yoshi is her constant companion at public events, and is picking up quite a fan base of his own.

Alex has dedicated her life to educating pet owners and advancing the area of emergency and critical care in veterinary medicine, so that any sick and injured animal can have the care they deserve at any time of day or night.

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