7 Great Dog Grooming Techniques You Should Know


1. Brush the coat only.

Slicker brushes are great at removing prickles and burrs. Just be sure you are brushing the coat, not the skin as you will cause irritation. You can also gently pull the hair apart around the burr and brush out.

2. Bathing.

Always condition after shampooing, if you just use shampoo, you can strip the coat and it will be harder to brush. It will also knot up quicker and cause dry skin which will result in an. itchy Dog. Always moisture replenish after shampooing.

3. Removing oils.

Cornflour or bi carb soda are excellent at removing oil from the coat after the Dog has got under the car.

4. Controlling clipping mishaps.

Cut a nail too short? Pop some instant coffee, cornflour, or scrape the nail on a cake of soap, try to hold the toe above the nail to apply pressure on the blood supply for at least 3 min to stem bleeding. Potassium permanganate is great at cauterizing a quicked nail, use a small amount on a q tip and apply to the tip of the nail. It is available from compounding chemists, be careful though as it stains and should not be used on cuts and wounds.

5. Brush the whole body.

Brushing and combing prevents knots, a clean coat can still get knots if it is not groomed correctly. The whole Dog needs brushing and combing, not just the back. The head (including the muzzle, chin and cheeks), ears (inside and out) belly and chest, all four legs (top to toes and in between toes), armpits (even though Dogs don’t have arms, we still call them armpits), under the tail, the tail, ALL OVER!!!! Even Dogs that have a short coat but long ears and tail need those longer parts combed daily.

6. Dry shampoo for quick, easy cleans.

Get a dry shampoo/self-rinsing shampoo for those areas that may need a clean but you are unable to wash the whole Dog. These are great for stinky faces, messy rear ends, accidental anal gland expressions, etc.

7. Muddy business.

Mud will brush out once the coat is dry!

Article by Marianne Suckling
Owner and Senior Stylist, Mojo’s Grooming Shed, Est 2011

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