How to keep your Dog happy when you’re at work

If you work full or even part-time and have fur babies at home you might wonder what they are doing and how they keep themselves entertained?

It’s not easy to leave your pooch at home all day and it’s not uncommon to feel the occasional twinge of guilt. But, there are ways you can keep your best friend happy and entertained when you’re not around – here are some tips:

Sleepy time

You may not be aware, but on average Dogs sleep between 14 – 18 hours a day, which means that while your away there’s no doubt at some point that your pooch will catch up on some shut eye, so it’s important to create a comfy place for your loved one to snooze.

Walk it off

Take your pooch for a walk before work. Not only will it stimulate your mind, but also it will tire out your pooch and ensure that they sleep for a few extra hours.

Puzzle Toys

Even Dogs love brainteasers! Puzzle toys can keep fur babies entertained for hours with both mental stimulation and physical activity. Dogs like finding hidden food or a favourite toy so finding one that hides toys is a bonus! You can also make it into a scavenger hunt by hiding these toys around the house and garden.

Bonus tip:
Make sure that you remember to rotate your toys. Just like humans, Dogs will get bored if they have to play with the same toy over and over.

Doggy icy pole

With the warmer months just around the corner it’s a good idea to keep your Dog hydrated with some frozen doggy treats that will also keep your pooch entertained. Pour some chicken stock into a container and include some of your pup’s favourite treats.

Bonus tip:
Giving an icy treat to your Dog in the morning before you head out will help them to associate you leaving for the day with something positive. This will help eliminate any separation anxiety that they may be feeling.

Tunes & TV

Research has identified that our Dogs can be soothed through sounds from music and TV. You can find out more about what sounds may sooth your pooch at Through A Dogs Ear and there is even DOGTV!

How do you keep your Dog entertained?

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