Dogs On The Bed? Yes or No?

In some households, it’s the norm to let our pets have full roam of the house and curl up in bed with us throughout the night. However, others are truly horrified at the thought of that.

So what’s right and wrong? Is it okay for us to let our beloved pets share our bed with us? We’ve examined some of the pros and cons of letting our canine pals share our beds.


  • It’s comforting. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a little warm furry buddy to cuddle up with at night. For some people, having a pet in the bed can actually help them sleep better than they would without. In fact, a study conducted by the Centre of Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in the US found that 41 percent of participants claimed that they found it beneficial to sleep with their pet and it had no impact on their rest, compared to only 20 percent who found that their pets disrupted their sleep.
  • Teaches obedience. Despite the common theories that allowing your pets to sit on your furniture or bed may cause some obedience and neediness issues, it may actually help teach your pets better obedience. Professional dog trainer and editor of the Whole Dog Journal, Pat Miller, says, “keep in mind that removing the dog from the bed doesn’t modify the bed-guarding behaviour; it only prevents the dog from having an opportunity to practice the behaviour.”
  • Feel more secure. Having your pet there with you through the night can make you feel more safe and secure in your home. Knowing that your dog is there and alert can help make you feel a better sense of comfort and clarity, especially if you’re an easily stressed or anxious person.


  • Enhance allergies and asthma. If you’re someone who suffers from allergies or asthma, having your dog curled up in your personal space throughout the night can escalate this, especially if your dog sheds a lot of hair.
  • Disrupts your sleep. Despite the Mayo Clinic study mentioned above, 20 percent of people still found that their pets disrupted their sleep. Whether it’s because their dogs take up a lot of space with their legs stretched out or the dog is fidgeting, it’s still causing some owners to miss out on their precious sleep time. So really it’s up to you to determine what works for you and your pooch.
  • Potentially unhygienic. Although it’s uncommon if your dog is healthy and bathed, the risk of catching a virus or bad bacteria is still there. The CDC reported that although the risk is minimal, “the risk of transmission of zoonotic agents [those transmitted from animal to human] by close contact between pets and their owners through bed sharing, kissing or licking is real and has been documented for life-threatening infections such as plague.”

It’s a divisive topic but overall it’s a matter of personal preference.

We would love to know your thoughts on this! Yes or no – do you allow your dog to share your bed?

17 Responses to “Dogs On The Bed? Yes or No?”

  1. Monique

    I let 2 dogs and 2 cats sleep in my bed. They are bathed regularly and are a comfort knowing that they are close and safe. I have no issue and neither does my partner. They are my babies and are really no different to having a child sleep in the bed.

  2. Sharyn Wood

    My Griffon Billy sleeps on bed with me! In winter under blankets curled in ball in his PJs. In Summer at end of bed to be cool no PJs -his bed is on my bed and he goes there when ready then moves when I come to bed! He doesn’t disturb me unless he decides to lay longways taking up the whole side! But I manage! Love him with me and he sits on the end in the morning when ready to go wee wee!

  3. I own 2 poodles. When I got the first puppy I said no to being on the bed. But I gave in, now both sleep on the bed. In winter they sleep at the top of the bed, but as the weather warms up one of my dogs moves to the end of the bed. I am considering getting a bigger bed.

  4. Candace

    I’ve always let my dogs sleep in the bed with me. I wished I’d also trained them to crate sleep as I now have an old dog with dementia who gets up & wanders at night. He has been in crates during the day but stresses out if I put him in it at night.

  5. Dianne Toshack

    YES absolutely our baby sleeps on our bed. As soon as the light goes out, he goes to sleep and has done since the day we brought him home. Better than a human baby, he has always slept right through the night. #wouldnthaveitanyotherway.

  6. There is no right or wrong to this question do what makes you and your dog happy, both mine start off on my bed but my bc always go to hers when she thinks l am asleep, my little one remains on the bed, they make the choice where they sleep not me.

  7. Yes my dog starts out every night asleep on my bed. By morning she is under the covers and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Love her being close to me.

  8. Louise Hogan

    Yes my dog sleeps with me. He provides comfort and security. He does not disrupt my sleep as is an extremely quiet sleeper and hardly moves all night nor does he snore, in fact I can’t hear him at all!
    As for athsma and allergies I suffer from neither.
    Of course there is the problem of hygiene and what might be passed on but I try to keep him brushed and clean as possible plus he has his own bed coverings which I wash frequently.

  9. Jane Fisher

    We have always had dogs and cats and over the years usually have one or more sleeping on our bed. We have a new little rescue girl, who came from a not very nice situation, and she is very comfortable sleeping on my bed. She is no trouble, doesn’t take up a lot of room, and I’m happy to share my bed with her.

  10. Yes! Our 30kg Australasian Bosdog (Aussie Bulldog) sleeps on our bed. Never under the covers. Would not have it any other way. She is part of the pack. She sleeps at the end/middle of the bed. Rarely disturbs us. Bring on dog number two.

  11. Vivien Wilson

    I love having my dogs sleep on my bed. They snuggle up and keep me warm!

  12. Karen Cook

    My dog sleeps with me and I wouldn’t have it any other way! He gives me warmth, comfort and protection! The benefits far outweigh the risk!

  13. Ashleigh

    Yes – my mastiff sleeps on the bed when allowed and he is very obedient, even waits for me to ‘make the bed’. He does keep me up some nights because he is a big dog.

  14. Yes, yes and yes (we have 3 dogs)!
    And they can just as easily get off the bed when they want to.

  15. Lesley Mitchell

    No, I do not allow my dogs to sleep on the bed with me. Why? Because I have 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and they snore loud enough to wake the dead! I love them to bits, but I have to draw the line somewhere. So they sleep in the family room on their very comfy dog beds (heated in winter).