The Golden Bone Bakery creates healthy dog treats packed with natural superfoods to enhance your dog's health. Our treats are low-calorie, non-greasy and gentle on tummies.

At The Golden Bone Bakery, we’re passionate about crafting wholesome, all-natural pet treats that keep tails wagging while taking care of their health at the same time. Our brand stands for premium quality, using only the finest ingredients ranging from fresh-caught fish to superfoods.

Our range includes an array of delectable treats, from Superfood Snacks bursting with nutrients to Dental Delights promoting oral health. We even have a special Advent Calendar for festive pups!

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and simplicity. Our treats are vet-approved, containing only four ingredients or less, making them perfect for sensitive tummies. We are proud to be free of artificial colours or nasty additives, ensuring that every bite is pure, natural goodness.

We take pride in being eco-conscious, with biodegradable packaging. Our commitment to animal welfare extends to supporting the RSPCA as an Official Partner in QLD, helping pets find their forever homes.

Stand Number: G-604