Knose Ask the Breeder Stage


10:00am – 4:00pm Daily

The informative Ask the Breeder Stage was presented in partnership with Dogs Victoria and connected dog lovers with dog experts at the 2023 Melbourne Dog Lovers Festival. 

Visitor’s who were interested in a particular breed of dog were able to visit the Knose Ask the Breeder Stage to hear Breed Information Talks presented by experts from Dogs Victoria members and hear from registered breeders, experts on their particular breed of dog, and discover all the information needed to make the right decision regarding your next pooch.

In these highly educational talks, experts highlighted a range of important topics including temperament, grooming, exercise and most importantly the dog’s suitability to the lifestyle of their owner. There is a lot to carefully consider when selecting a dog breed because each breed is so different. These talks are perfect for anyone looking for their next dog.

2023 Ask the Breeder talks were presented by Dogs Victoria Clubs including: Siberian Husky Club of Victoria, French Bulldog Club of Victoria, Old English Sheepdog Club of Victoria, Great Dane Club of Victoria, Samoyed Club of Victoria, Border Collie Club of Victoria, Collie Club of Victoria, Irish Wolfhound Club of Victoria, Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Of Victoria, Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria, Newfoundland Club of Victoria and many more.

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