ADVANCE™ Breed Showcase


9:30am – 5:00pm Daily.

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The Dog Lovers Festival ADVANCE™ Breed Showcase will return, bigger, better and hairier in 2024!

Visitors loved to see, compare and cuddle beautiful dogs at the ADVANCE™ Breed Showcase!  It was simply the best opportunity all year to get your fur-fix and gather valuable information on a wide range of beautiful pure bred dogs!

Domestic dogs come in all shapes and sizes, each with its very own traits and personality. The 2024 Dog Lovers Festival will showcase hundreds of dogs, representing a range of breeds from across Victoria, from the rarest to the most popular.

Visitors were invited to sniff out the glorious multitude of canine breeds presented by Dogs Victoria Breed Clubs which exhibit in our ADVANCE™ Breed Showcase. These dogs were also featured in our Lyka Pat-A-Pooch zone where visitors had another opportunity to meet, pat and get to know a variety of wonderful breeds on a more personal level.