We at The Dog Line aim to reduce dog problems by helping people to have a better relationship with their dogs. Our products will assist people to train their dogs to have a well behave characters.

The Dog Line first started helping people with their dog problems and advising on the use of electronic dog training equipment in 2003.

With some intensive research, I found products that I am sure are very safe, easy to use and offered the flexibility needed to help solve dog problems such as unnecessary barking, over-reactive and escaping behaviours. That’s why I investigated all the areas where Electronic Collars were achieving great results in dog safety including Automatic Bark Collars, Radio fences – Pet Barriers Dog Fence and Remote dog trainers for off lead dog training and dog control.

This along with our seven-day helpline for support has seen a great many dogs saved from abandonment and has helped improve the relationship between people and dogs. We have helped solve the heaps of dog problems before it gets to a point where a dog has to be re-homed or possibly suffer an unfortunate fate.

Stand Number: G-112