At TCR Canine Wear, we know how hard it is to find a collar or lead that lasts! From the bush to the beach, our GENUINE BIOTHANE products are AUSSIE MADE and for ANY BREED!

We are a small family run business and most importantly AUSTRALIAN MADE. Every product is made right here in Victoria in our workshop. Made from GENUINE BIOTHANE, our products have been tried and tested on REAL DOGS in REAL SITAUTIONS! From Bella the Labrador and Jessie the Pomeranian who live on the beach, to Mack the Staghound who goes hunting every weekend and even Diesel the Kelpie who works on the station in the Northern Territory. They are WATERPROOF, COLOURFUL AND STRONG, and made for ANY BREED.

We have something for everyone from DOG TRAINERS, TO PET DOGS AND EVEN WORKING DOGS. So make sure you visit us at the Dog Lovers Festival!

Stand Number: 261

Festival Specials

We will have a special on our QUALITY DEEP ENGRAVED NAMEPLATES/TAGS that last! Don’t miss out on the festival only special!