Hemp plus serotonin products for people and pets.

Hemp chews with a serotonin booster for pets struggling with pain, separation anxiety, behavioral issues and travel challenges.

If you are looking for a more natural way to help your dog or yourself handle life’s stresses then Rapha Herbals products are the perfect solution. We have gummies for people and chews for pets. We have combined the anti-inflammatory power of Hemp with the serotonin boosters and a range of calming ingredients. This synergy of ingredients is intended to calm, boost serotonin and reduce inflammation and provide relief.

Calm K9 is a herbal remedy for dogs exhibiting anxiety or responding to stress. Our Hemp based chews help with:

Separation anxiety

Grooming & vet visits

Negative behaviours

Excessive barking



Fireworks and storms

Social outings

Inflammation and pain

Stand Number: G-776