Harnessing the wonders of Nature. Naturally formulated health treatments and nutritional supplements for Dogs and Cats.

Little Chloe had suffered from irritated skin for years and nothing seemed to help. We set out to develop a product that would.
In 2005, following studies in Naturopathy and Nutrition, the skin care range was created, and Natural Animal Solutions was born. Chloe’s condition resolved and we’ve never looked back.
We use the powerful compounds naturally found in plants and herbs
to soothe the skin, ears and eyes. Further research into nutrition and
targeted supplementation, lead to the development of our Omega Oil range and the nutritional supplements you see available today. We make everything from scratch enabling you to easily blend into food and control dosage.
Why Choose Our Products? We harness the science in nature. All natural ingredients are sourced by us and hand-blended in Melbourne. Free from fillers, every ingredient used is high quality and carefully researched. They’re gentle, safe and they work.

Stand Number: E-502