Lenny’s Kitchen Muesli is formulated in conjunction with renown Australian Vet,
Dr Bruce Syme BVSc (Hons). Soak in warm water for 5 minutes and add to raw meat for a balanced meal for all ages.

Lenny’s Kitchen Muesli is formulated in conjunction with renowned and respected Australian Vet,
Dr Bruce Syme BVSc (Hons). Dr Bruce practices as an Integrative Vet, blending conventional and complementary therapies to achieve the best outcome. He has been a passionate advocate for raw, natural feeding for over 30 years.
Lenny’s Kitchen Muesli is a lasting tribute to our beautiful, kind Labradoodle, Lenny. Thanks to a raw diet, lots of love and the care of Dr Bruce, lived a very healthy, active and happy 17 years.
Our Muesli contains 18 raw ingredients, including herbs, plants, good grains, vegetables, fruit, vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients.
When soaked with water for just 5 minutes, Lenny’s Kitchen Muesli replicates the gut content of a prey animal-the first food eaten after capture in the wild. Mixed with the suggested amount of raw meat (inc 10% organ meat) it is the perfect balanced meal to promote health and longevity. lennyskitchen.com @lennyskitchenau

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Lenny’s Kitchen Muesli makes raw feeding easy! Formulated with Dr Bruce Syme BVSc (Hons), our 18 ingredients provide balance to raw meat, simply measure, add water, wait 5 minutes, add meat and Serve with Love to your Dog or Puppy. Proudly made in Melbourne with 70% Australian ingredients.