Realistic Dog Shaped Candles, locally made to match your adorable fur baby, with various breeds and colours available. Great unique gifts for dog lovers.

GLADYS & JACK, an Australian brand born out of a deep love for dogs, offers meticulously crafted home decor items inspired by our furry companions, using high-quality, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients sourced locally from Australia.

The product range includes the ever popular Dog Candles that serve as unique gifts, tributes, memorials for departed fur babies, and as striking decor statements for the home, Dog Themed Soy Wax Melts to add an aromatic charm, and a Room Fragrance Spray designed to eliminate unwelcome room odours that may come from our treasured pets.

GLADYS & JACK began thoughtfully crafting products for Maree’s Mum and Aunties on Mother’s Day and labelling them for sentimental value in remembrance of her loving Grandparents Gladys & Jack. Her Grandparents were thoughtful and generous people, who loved animals and to keep people connected, making them feel loved and included. These qualities have underpinned GLADYS & JACK’s business values from the get-go.

Stand Number: G-712