Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils offering natural wellness solutions to People & Pets

doTERRA Essential Oils
Who we are…
An essential oil company changing the world one drop at a time.

What we do…
Provide pure, high quality essential oils and products.

Why we do it…
To empower you and your loved ones to live a wellness lifestyle.

As a doTERRA Gold Wellness Advocate, Certified Animal Aromatherapy Specialist, Animal Intuitive & Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Libby is passionate about educating others about the safe and effective use of doTERRA Essential Oils for animals and their human guardians.

Did you know that many cleaning products, candles & essential oils are adulterated with chemicals & are not safe for use on or around animals? With a household of 3 whippets, 4 cats and 3 horses, Libby only uses & recommends doTERRA products.
Ready to support your pets health & wellbeing naturally?

Stand Number: G-704