Animal Comfort Care Centre is a professional service that provides emotional, physical and educational support to pet parents through a collaborative approach. We are your personal veterinary service!

Animal Comfort Care Centre was born from the realisation that pet parents often require more time with veterinary professionals, especially when faced with complex issues pertaining to their pets, or when needing end-of-life care. Unfortunately, the current business models in the veterinary industry limit the amount of face-to-face time pet parents can get with their veterinary professionals.

What do we do:
– We come to you so your pet can acquire the best care in their safe space
– We collaborate with your regular vet, specialists and allied health providers to create a synergistic team for you
– We streamline information for you and simplify medical language for you
– We work through all your options to create a plan that best suits you and your pet
– We help alleviate anxiety during stressful times by being available via text and email, even out of hours
– We provide you with emotional, physical and educational support

Most importantly, we spend a lot of time with you!

Stand Number: G-654

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