8 reasons why you’d be barking mad not to exhibit @ the Melbourne Dog Lovers Festival!

Melbourne Dog Lovers Festival is now 90% sold out, with just 15 stands left for companies wanting to reach over 35,000 passionate, high-spending Dog owners in just 3 days face-to-face! No other marketing platform can deliver all these benefits under one wroof:

1) Drive sales – immediate access to your target market so you can sell direct on-site at the event as well as driving retail and online sales after the show.

2) Raise awareness, build your  B2C database and network with the entire pet sector.

3) Research your market, educate consumers about your business and recruit followers on social media

4) Unique and targeted marketing – access to a highly receptive group of passionate, high-spending Dog owners to ensure more ‘bang for your marketing buck’ – no wasted ad dollars!

5) Generate new business – reap the benefits of exposure to thousands of potential new clients with your own, targeted, retail pop-up store and 35,000+ visitors from across metro and regional Victoria!

6) Harness the power of conversation – experience the results when your best sales people talk 1-on-1 with Dog owners who love talking about their Dogs face-to-face!

7) Permission marketing – visitors to the Show want to know what you’ve got to sell. It’s a big part of the reason why they bought a ticket and it means a receptive ear is receiving your message.

8) Complement your online & social media marketing – show your target audience that you are a friendly Dog loving business with real people sitting behind your website.


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