Vets All Natural is an Australian owned Company, founded in 1996 by practicing Veterinarian and animal lover, Dr Bruce Syme BVsc (Hons).

Dr Bruce offers an holistic approach to pet health. Most often, a change in diet to one based on fresh meat and a correct balance of vegetable, natural sources of fibre, and vitamins improves or corrects many common health issues, including skin, gut, bowel and urinary ailments, and ultimately aids in longevity.

The cornerstone of the Vets All Natural range is Complete Mix is a raw, fully natural, preservative free “museli” which, when soaked with water, mimics the gut content of a prey animal. Mixed with preservative free fresh meat, it’s the perfect balanced diet, based on what canines and felines have been eating for millions of years. By adding a couple of raw meaty bones each week, you will be feeding what Mother Nature intended.

Vets All Natural offer the option of ready to serve raw meals. RAW76 is available in varieties for all life stages, containing kangaroo meat, organs and pre-soaked Complete Mix. The Healthroll range of pasteurized rolls offers convenience and in six varieties.

Our powder supplements are best added to raw meals. Health Booster is a general multivitamin and many breeders report healthier litters and happier Mums when added in the last trimester and weaning periods. Skin & Coat Formula with an added probiotic adds in calming upset skin and gut. Joint Support with glucosomine, chondroitin, ginger and a balance of healthy herbs can reduce inflammation and pain, and is still the only Australian product containing Boron to aid absorption.

Our Health Chews deliver same benefits as our powdered supplements in a chewable form. Choose from Multivitamin, Joint Support, Skin Support and the very popular Training Treats.