is the longest established Mobile Vet / House Call Service in the Greater Sydney Area. specialises in full range mobile Veterinary services and house calls Sydney-wide, truly is …the vet clinic that comes to you

Dr Dave established this service in early 1996 and has over 30 years of widely-varied Veterinary Practice experienced gained on 3 continents involving pet and farm animals, private and government work. At the same time Dr Dave has had a career as a veterinary and animal care lecturer for over 25 years in TAFE NSW, gaining the TAFE Medal.

Dr Dave and the VETmobile – the first state of the art fully equipped long distance Veterinary Mobile and House Call Vehicle servicing ALL of Sydney – will bring the vet clinic, including our onboard consulting and treatment room, direct to your home wherever you are in Sydney. The VETmobile is fully equipped with complete diagnostic and treatment equipment to cope with any clinical situations. We carry medications and treatments to deal with a wide range of common conditions and can of course supply everything else via our dedicated online and postal medications service.

We carry a full range of vaccines – for dog, cat, rabbit, ferret and large animals – onboard and maintain strict “Cold Chain” certainty by way of our 4-way powered Refrigerator / Freezer right from the supplier to your door. The vehicle itself has six different energy systems and can run completely off the grid in remote locations.

It is stressful to many pets and their owners to have to get them into the car and down to the vet. Therefore we provide the perfect service right to your home. This is especially true if you have multiple pets. In fact specialises in a “fear-free” experience for your pet and of course you as an owner.

We concentrate on working in your home and therefore specialise in the old fashioned James Herriot style practice and we spend the time to properly treat your special companion. Of course we can refer you and your pet for all the state of the art diagnostic and treatment options, specialist care, emergency care and after hours services that Sydney has to provide.

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Introducing CaringVet, a brand new and thoroughly unique end of life pet care service for the Sydney region. We specialize in HQLI (© 2016) Quality of Life Assessment of your pet and appropriate palliative care (Hospice@Home) to make their last days comfortable.

Let us come to your home and assess your pet’s Quality of life using our patented and unique HQLI and together plan a palliative care regime to address the troubling issues such as arthritis, tumours, heart and kidney conditions, weight loss and diet and appetite issues. We have regimens for all of these conditions.

Then when the time comes we offer compassionate in-home Euthanasia and a range of Aftercare Options. These options include a wide range of memorials and commemorative jewellery to remember forever your faithful friend.

We know it can be a very stressful time for the pet and their loving family and can be very fraught at times. We offer solutions and support in your hour of grief.

Please give us a call 0435283929 to make an appointment.


infoVet™ Appstore
infoVet™ is a revolutionary new set of veterinary and animal care training and client education resources as Smartphone Apps. These are available for ALL platforms including iOS (iPhone & iPad) Android and WebApp.


Animal Care Academy
ACA is the only dedicated pet care training college in Australia. We offer a wide range of online courses including pet care (many species), behaviour & training, technical vet & VN courses such as “becoming a Vet Assistant” and “setting up your own pet based business”. We also offer Pet First Aid and CPR courses.