Welcome to the World of SUNDOGZ…

giving you and your dog the freedom to hang out together in the great outdoors!

At SUNDOGZ we are passionate about spending as much time as possible with our beloved dogs. This includes taking them with us wherever we go, whether it is to the beach, the park, camping, hanging in dog cafes, bush walking and hiking (or as the Kiwi’s would say “Tramping”). How often have you wanted to spend long periods of time with your dog hanging out at the beach or watching your kids play their team sport? But how do you keep your dog safe, secure, shaded and hydrated? Basically, you want your dog to relax and be comfortable right by your side and that is where SUNDOGZ comes to the rescue.

Please sign up to our landing page www.sundogz.world/signup for updates of the product release. On signup you will be able to view our unique animation and song and video clip. We will also let you know when we launch this amazing new Australian dog product.

New Product

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