Established in 1977 in Germany, SEBO is still a family business with a real care for the design and manufacture of the vacuums cleaners and polisher it makes.

SEBO has become an established brand name in the retail market, winning accolades from consumer magazine CHOICE for the Recommended Product – SEBO K3 Premium Barrel – Best Performer 6 years in a row for its 100% Pet Hair Pick Up, deep dirt removal and high performance filtration. All SEBO vacuum cleaners are of anti-allergy design.

Whether you prefer an upright or a barrel configuration, SEBO has a vacuum solution for any floor type. Premium SEBO vacuum cleaners such as the Award winning K3 Premium Barrel, Felix Premium Upright and X4 Automatic upright feature an electric rotating brush roller for effective dog hair pick up and easy tool free access for cleaning of the brush.

SEBO’s K1 Pet Barrel comes complete with a hand held turbo tool for effective cleaning of dog hair off fabric furniture, bedding and stairs.

SEBO’s X4 Automatic Upright is the plush pile specialist effectively removing dog hair from this tick pile carpet recommended by leading carpet manufacturers.

Features such as long cables, being able to work when flat and comfortable handles all help make cleaning up pet hair easier.

Enjoy a hygienic and healthy home with your dog all year round with the SEBO Duo Dry Powder Carpet Cleaner. Cleaning without using water, it is effective and avoids wet cleaning problems such as carpet shrinkage, adhesive damage, smell and long ‘area out of use’ periods due to lengthy drying times. The contra-rotating brushes lift and restore flattened pile, bringing carpet back to life.