KONG – The solution to all those behaviour problems!

That’s just the start!  Stimulate your dog’s mind, nurture their natural instincts and create a fun filled environment.

The KONG story started in 1976 with a need to find a solution for Fritz’s chewing problem. The Original KONG was the first toy that enriched a dog’s life through a change in behavior.

KONG has grown proudly and strongly since 1976 into a business that now provides solutions and environmental enrichment for both dogs and cats and also their owners throughout the world. The strength and durability of a KONG toy is renowned. KONG toys have been developed with the support and advice of Veterinarians and are recommended by the Veterinary profession and quality trainers and behaviorists all over the world.

When your dog or cat needs something to stimulate their minds or whether it’s simply time to enjoy a reward, give them a KONG. It’s not just a toy it’s a KONG. Your pet will love you for it!