Koly’s Dog Treats was born when I said goodbye to my beautiful Labrador, Kolyada.  I took on Koly as a private rehoming when she was hugely overweight, and learnt about treating her with the right treats, whilst getting her down to a healthy weight -16kg later! It is now my passion to provide Australian pets healthy, natural treats, and to help to educate owners on what treats may suit their dogs and cats best.

As we believe in giving pets only the best quality treats, Koly’s Dog Treats specialises in Australian natural dried treats for your dogs and cats. We stock a wide variety of treats, designed to suit fussy eaters down to unstoppable chewers. Whether your pet needs to drop a couple of kilos, fatten up for winter, or just needs to be spoilt, Koly’s Dog Treats has something to suit.

Check out our website, give us a call or stop by on Facebook & challenge us to help you find the best treats for your dog or cat!