K9 Pro – The K9 Professionals is run by Steve Courtney, Accredited Behaviourist, Obedience Trainer and Law Enforcement Dog Trainer.

Steve is recognised as one of the leading Dog Trainers and Behaviourists in this country. Steve travels throughout all states of Australia teaching dogs and their owners his unique self designed training methods.

Steve is both an Accredited Dog Trainer and Behaviourist with over 20 years experience. All of his training methods are designed to be both behaviourally sound and technically superior.

Working with dogs and their owners is not Steve’s job, it is his passion, his hobby and it shows!

No matter what your aim, be it a more obedient pet, higher goals for your sport or working dog, your dogs behavioural problem solved, or simply anything canine, you will not find a better service than is provided by The K9 Professionals.

Our online store is one of the biggest you will find with hundreds of products including training aids, our famous handmade leather leashes and collars, dog crates, tug toys and balls, harnesses, long lines, an extensive range of dog toys, flea and tick products and much more. We are known for having quality products at incredibly low prices. With over 250 pages of training articles and products you won’t be disappointed!