Not just another dog food, Ivory Coat is a natural grain free ultra-premium food, with added vitamins and minerals to provide our companions with complete balanced nutrition.

Our food contains only quality ingredients, including a high concentration of protein and known superfoods.

All of our foods are Australian made from local ingredients, and contain no grains, no wheat, no corn, no soy, no rice or meat by-products.

We have brought together the love of animals with decades of knowledge and experience from Australia’s finest Veterinarians, Animal Nutritionists, Chemists and Groomers, to develop the best holistic ranges of companion animal products in the global marketplace – quality products which are natural and uniquely Australian.

We take great pride in our Australian products, which are now showcased, all over the world. Our latest range of hypoallergenic grain free foods is like nothing in Australia, and is not only good for our companions, but also for the Australian farmers we support through our financial assistance programs. Every retailer of our products is committed to the bigger picture, including doing their bit to give back to those farming families experiencing tough conditions in the bush.

We set the standard in companion animal care and wellbeing with products you can truly trust and recommend.