There have been numerous theories cited over the origins of the Weimaraner. One fact remains certain, that the Weimaraner had much Leithund blood in it. These dogs were kept during the first third of the 19th century at the Court of Weimar. Towards the middle of the century the dogs were found almost exclusively in the hands of professional hunters and forest officials in central Germany, especially in the regions of Weimar and Thuringia.


Weimaraners are highly athletic dogs with a lot of energy who bring an air of elegance wherever they go.

Grooming and Physical Needs

  • Grooming Needs: Regular brushing with a rubber grooming mitt is best, they need grooming more often when losing hair. Regular bathing, cleaning of ears, trimming of toe-nails and dental care are essential too.
  • Coat Type: Short smooth.
  • Moulting: Usually occurs twice a year.
  • Exercise Needs: Daily running in a park or large area and some training to exercise their brain prevents them from becoming bored and destructive.
  • Average Life Span: 10-12 years.


  • Family: They are intensely devoted and responsive to attention and will follow owners from room to room. They are wonderful with children, protective, fun loving and can be quite the clown.
  • Temperament: Alert, Steady, Fast, Aloof, Energetic, Stubborn, Powerful, Intelligent.
  • Trainability: Weimaraners have the intelligence to understand what is required of them however their handler must be very confident when dealing with them as they are a very dominant breed.
  • Sociability (Other Pets): They usually get along with other pets especially if introduced at a young age, however, rabbits, ducks or game are not recommended.
  • Barking: Medium tendency.


Weimaraners belong to the Gundog group and whilst still popular as a working dog, their unique appearance is now making them more appealing as companion dogs. Because of thier learning ability they are also used in obedience and field trials.


The decision to own a Weimaraner should be considered carefully as they require an active person who is prepared to give it the exercise, love and attention it demands. They do not like to be relegated to the back yard and forgotten.

Photo credit: FFire Photography.