Bedlington Terrier


When the Bedlington Terrier originated in the north of England back in the eighteenth century they became a favourite with the miners because of their renown ability as a rat catcher. Their indomitable courage and endurance made them a popular companion with the gypsies for poaching and hunting. The Bedlington Terrier of today is more of a docile companion, considered by many to be the hound of the terrier group.


This unusual terrier, has the look of a lamb and the heart of a lion.

Grooming and Physical Needs

  • Grooming Needs: Requires regular grooming. As the coat does not shed they have to be clipped regularly every 6 – 8 weeks.
  • Coat Type: There are 2 colours blue and liver. Part of the appeal as a pet is the lack of doggy odour and the fact that they do not shed their coat which makes them ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Moulting: Hypoallergenic.
  • Exercise Needs: Does not need a lot of exercise and equally happy playing an energetic game with children or curled up on a chair in front of the fire.
  • Average Life Span: 12 – 15 years


  • Family: It is the Bedlington Terrier’s strong ties with humans, dating back to their early days with miners and gypsies, that make them a wonderful companion or family Dog.
  • Temperament: Affectionate and responsive, they love to please their owners.
  • Trainability: The Bedlington Terrier takes well to formal obedience training. Puppies are easily house trained as they are very clean in themselves. Raising a Bedlington Terrier is similar to raising a child be loving firm and consistent.
  • Sociability (Other Pets): The Bedlington is a social dog, they love all people and will tolerate and live with other animals.
  • Barking: Will bark to raise the alarm at a new sight or sound.


Their sporting instincts combine the speed of a whippet with the tenacity and confidence of a terrier.


Evidence of DNA testing for the genetic disorder, copper toxicoses must be supplied by breeders.