VC INK is a renowned tattoo studio based in the heart of Melbourne. We're dedicated to turning your creative visions into stunning body art.

Welcome to VC INK TATTOO STUDIO, where experience, professionalism, and creativity converge. Over the years, we have been dedicated to delivering exceptional tattoo artistry to our clients. Our mission is to transform your unique vision into a work of art on your body, making your tattoo a part of your unique story.

Professional Expertise:
Our tattoo artists boast extensive experience and expertise, mastering various tattoo styles and techniques. Whether you seek traditional, realistic, colorful, watercolor, or fine-line tattoos, we can cater to your needs. We take pride in our leading position in the tattoo industry and our continuous pursuit of excellence.

Turning Visions into Reality:
At VC INK, we firmly believe that everyone has unique stories and desires. Our goal is to help you turn those visions into reality, permanently etching them into your skin as a part of your life. We take pride in customer satisfaction, considering each client an integral part of our creative process

Stand Number: 620

Festival Specials

Visit our stand (620) and receive a $50 voucher, redeemable for store credit after the Dog Lovers Festival. Don’t miss out!

New Product

A wide range captivating flash designs at our stand (620), from dog-themed to other eye-catching creations. Top-quality tattoos at affordable prices and visit our stand to receive limited free vouchers!