Sophie's Legacy was established to care for the people who care for your pets. Dr Sophie Putland, was an excellent vet, who took her life 2 years ago because of the pressures of the vet industry.

As a dog lover we know your pet is loved just like any member of your family. Vet staff also care deeply about your pet too. Did you know that the vet profession has one of the highest suicide rates of any profession? Sadly, we have lived experience, with our precious daughter one of the vets who has taken her life because the pressure of the industry was too much. The statistics are damning and we want to make changes to reduce this rate. What we learned is that one of the key contributors to poor mental health was the negative, demanding and sometimes abusive interactions that vet staff have to confront with clients. This happens more often that you think! We launched a national education campaign in May this year called ‘We’re Only Human’. Our goal was to inform, educate and ask that pet owners be polite and respectful and work with their vet to get the best outcome for their pet. Please visit our stand, ‘Take the Pledge’ and advocate for a great profession that cares for your pet.

Stand Number: 128