The Samoyed Club Of Victoria promotes ethical breeding and provides information and support to potential owners. Samoyeds are great family pets and will be your forever best friend!

The Samoyed Club of Victoria was the first club for the breed to be established in Australia. The club promotes ethical breeding and provides information to potential new owners on all aspects of the breed and purchasing a puppy.

The Samoyed is an ancient working dog breed. Their eye catching white coat has two layers which require regular grooming. They are a hardy dog who require moderate exercise and enjoy being with their owners due to their companionable nature.

Samoyeds were used to hunt, herd reindeer and haul sledges for the Samoyede people they served in north western Siberia. They are able to withstand cold temperatures but have also become adaptable to warmer climates.

A Samoyed should be medium to large size and white, white and biscuit or cream in appeareance. They should be intelligent, alert, athletic, outgoing and above all display affection towards people.

Stand Number: 124