Ready Vet Go - Melbourne's ONLY Urgent Care Pet Ambulance designated & equipped for Critical Care Transport & Urgent at-home response.

Ready Vet Go is a unique Pet Ambulance Service that offers an Urgent Care Response with an Emergency-trained Veterinarian in a 2-person team. Our human-grade Ambulance allows for early stabilisation of ill or injured pets, assessment of urgent illness and/or injuries & critical care or complex transfers. Ready Vet Go is the next step in elevating pet healthcare to the standard of human healthcare.

We are inviting you to come talk to us about our service, check out some of our equipment & hear about just some of the stories of our patients where our intervention not only saved lives, but provided comfort, care & reduced stress for pets & families in difficult times. We would also want to share stories of our at-home urgent Palliative Care & Euthanasia services.

Ask us about our exciting upcoming membership packages. There are giveaway prizes for putting your name on the contact list, which will also allow us to contact you about our upcoming membership packages.

We will also be running 2 x First Aid sessions each day. Times TBC.

Stand Number: 646

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Discussion of service with Founders of Ready Vet Go
Patient Stories
Equipment Demonstration
2 x Pet First Aid Demonstration (12.00pm & 3.30pm) on Saturday & Sunday
Membership Overview & Waitlist Sign-up
3 x Tote Bag Doggie Giveaways (1 per day) with Waitlist Sign-up