We keep pensioners and their pets together through emergency veterinary funding, support, connection to services and advocacy efforts – preventing needless euthanasia and surrender.

Pets are family, and our hope is for everyone to be able to afford vital vet care – no matter what.

Every day, we give pets in crisis their best chance of survival. And through our work, we prevent needless euthanasia and surrender – benefiting people, pets, vets and shelters.

We’re making this happen by getting pets in crisis the treatment they need. We cover emergency vet costs for people experiencing financial hardship, and we act as a supportive intermediary – alleviating stress for everyone involved.

We advocate for the human-animal bond, and see firsthand how pets save the lives of vulnerable people living with mental & physical illness, disability and past trauma.

During our 13 years of keeping pensioners and pets together, we’ve forged strong connections with people, veterinarians and charities across Victoria to make an even greater impact. So pop by and say hello if you’d like to join forces, or chat about how great pets are!

Stand Number: 239

Festival Specials

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